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I’m Lenka Brady.

My mission is to empower you to launch and expand your business effortlessly, instilling confidence and a sense of empowerment throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


About Our Founder and CEO, Lenka Brady: A Visionary Leader in Entrepreneurship

Lenka Brady is a dynamic entrepreneur at the helm of Start a Business LLC and co-founder of StartupPro Academy. With a solid track record spanning over 14 years, Lenka has mastered the art of unlocking potential in aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them to find their unique business voice. As a specialized startup strategist, she is deeply committed to laying strong, sustainable foundations for new ventures, providing both strategic guidance and personalized coaching.


Lenka’s expertise extends beyond strategy into the realm of community building, where her exceptional networking capabilities shine. Her adeptness at connecting individuals not only strengthens community ties but also catalyzes successful partnerships, further enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Devoted to empowering business owners, Lenka focuses on instilling confidence and resilience. Her approach is rooted in practical experience, understanding that success hinges on sound advice, clear goals, and a resilient mindset. She tackles common entrepreneurial challenges head-on, helping her clients overcome doubts and build robust businesses.


As an expert in digital solutions tailored to fit your budget, Lenka Brady excels in harnessing technology to enhance business efficiency and impact. Her journey began in the trenches of digital creation, building websites, managing social media accounts, and developing mobile apps. Over the years, she has expanded her expertise to include advanced technologies such as mobile app integration and Artificial Intelligence. These tools are not just about keeping up with trends but are critical for creating scalable, cost-effective solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Lenka’s strategic use of technology ensures that each project is not only visionary but also accessible, allowing entrepreneurs to maximize their resources while achieving substantial growth and reach.


Further expanding her skillset, Lenka recently became a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach Practitioner. This certification has equipped her to enhance client communication and sales strategies, empowering them to achieve sustained business success. Through NLP, she helps clients refine their approach to business, enhancing their ability to meet and exceed their long-term objectives.


Join Lenka at Start a Business LLC and StartupPro Academy, where your entrepreneurial aspirations can transform into concrete successes under expert guidance.

“I Am My Brand”

The Evolution of Lenka Brady

Building trust is a journey that requires honesty, transparency, and consistent delivery of results. Discover Lenka Brady’s personal and professional evolution in a compelling short interview, tracing her path from a young girl in the Czech Republic to her roles as a Flight Attendant, Corporate Manager, and Entrepreneur, culminating in her current position as a revered Startup Strategist.

Lenka’s extensive experience across diverse sectors enriches her business coaching, allowing her to tap into a deep reservoir of knowledge and insights. This wealth of experience ensures she delivers exceptionally effective results, helping her clients achieve their business objectives with precision and insight.

Join us in exploring how Lenka embodies her brand, setting a standard for dedication and success in the entrepreneurial world.

Lenka has been an incredible asset to our business. Not only has she presented us with the app as a solution, she has just been all around amazing supporter of our work. If you are looking for someone who is going to help you find the solutions you need to grow and scale your business through business coaching or app building, you have found her in Lenka!

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Founder, Hi-Lite Coaching & Consulting

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Ecommerce Coaching Program,

Certified HeartMath Coach, Debra Heslin Wellness

Certified NLP Coach Practitioner, Debra Heslin Wellness

Certificate, Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching, NY

Winner of 2024 Best of South Lake in Business Consulting and Management Services, South Lake County Chamber of Commerce



Targeted Selection Qualification, JetBlue Airways

Principles of Leadership, JetBlue Airways

BC Education, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Co-Founder StartupPro Digital Academy for Startups and Entrepreneurs