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I’m Lenka Brady.

My mission is to help you start your business successfully and grow it with ease, confidence and a sense of empowerment.


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I’m an entrepreneur at heart, with over 14 years of experience helping others transform their dreams into successful businesses. Through firsthand experience, I’ve learned the key ingredients for success: sound advice, well-defined goals, a robust belief system, and unwavering perseverance.

I’ve come to realize that the majority of businesses fail due to a lack of confidence and resilience. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to assist you in conquering any limiting beliefs that might hinder you from establishing a solid foundation for your business.

As a digital marketing expert, I’m well aware that working with the right digital tools can significantly ease the process of building and running a successful business.

In my various roles as an advisor, account manager, and strategist, I’ve acquired extensive knowledge and experience in crafting digital marketing strategies that drive the growth of businesses online. To illustrate, I recently assisted a local business with no digital presence in launching a mobile app, resulting in over $8,000 in loyalty redemptions in just three months!

In the past year, I obtained certification as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach Practitioner, further enhancing my ability to support my clients. NLP is a potent tool that can enhance communication, sales, and overall confidence in the realm of business. By understanding the profound link between language and behavior, my clients can develop fresh skills and strategies to achieve their long-term goals.

“I am my brand.”

Building trust takes time and consistent effort. It involves being honest, transparent and delivering results. 

Watch this short interview about Lenka’s journey as a young girl from the Czech Republic pursuing her dream and working her way up from being a Flight Attendant to a Corporate Manager, Entrepreneur,  and ultimately to her current role – a Startup Strategist.

Lenka’s extensive experience is a significant asset in her business coaching as she can draw upon a deep well of knowledge and insights and deliver more effective results for her clients.




Ecommerce Coaching Program, Prosper.com

Certified HeartMath Coach, Debra Heslin Wellness

Certified NLP Coach Practitioner, Debra Heslin Wellness

Certificate, Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching, NY

Winner of 2024 Best of South Lake in Business Consulting and Management Services, South Lake County Chamber of Commerce



Targeted Selection Qualification, JetBlue Airways

Principles of Leadership, JetBlue Airways

BC Education, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Co-Founder StartupPro Digital Academy for Startups and Entrepreneurs


Do you want to learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals? I invite you to schedule a discovery call with me. During this call, we can discuss your unique situation, identify any challenges you may be facing, and explore potential solutions to help you move forward.

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